2 Explosions & Gunfire Rock Istanbul's Ataturk Airport - Developing Story

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Local media in Istanbul, Turkey are reporting that 2 explosions and gunfire have rocked Ataturk Airport in Istanbul killing at least 10 people. 

Total passengers going through the airport in 2015 was 61 million, making it one of the busiest airport's in the world.

We can't verify this tweet but reporters are sharing it as a depiction of the explosion's impact.

The Turkish Minister for Justice told reporters the suspected fired shots at the entrance to the International Terminal before detonating themselves. 

This video taken from a clothes shop in the airport captures the panic.

Turkish newspapers report that air traffic is suspended in Istanbul Ataturk Airport. However, looking at FlightRadar, it appears planes are still landing and departing from Attaturk airport. 

Scenes from local TV of people fleeing the scene.

Officials from the Interior Ministry have told press locally that they fired at suspects at the international terminal's entry, before security check, and that 2 suspects blew themselves up. They claim that suspects detonated the explosives before passing the x-ray machine and security check in Istanbul Ataturk Airport entrance. 

The Turkish government has imposed a broadcast ban on coverage of the attack.

It's late in Dubai but already people are sharing their sympathies for the victims of yet another terrible tragedy.

Others have shared their concerns. These fears are what those who spread hate want people to feel.

We'll continue to update this as we learn more. 

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