A Dubai Resident Has Offered To House Those Stranded In Dubai Due To The Ongoing Crisis In Sudan


It is no surprise that the recent crisis in Sudan has contributed massively to the instability of the country. Because of the public strikes and ongoing issues in the country's political scene has forced the majority of the flights to be postponed or suspended including Emirates.

A Dubai resident uses Twitter to help out anyone in need at a time like that

Mustafa Khalid, a Twitter user made use of the social media platform to address the issue and is welcoming passengers who can't make it to Sudan, to stay at his or his family's place. The Dubai resident has also asked people to retweet the tweet so he can help out anyone who's in need. This is a one of a kind gesture, and it is nice to have people look out for one another.

To anyone who's stuck in transit because of the Sudan issue

It's still uncertain when the flights will resume

According to local news, Emirates airline has cancelled their flights EK 733 and EK 734 that were supposed to leave today to Khartoum. Because of the instability of the country, it's not sure when the flights will start up again.

The current air space situation in Sudan

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