A Tragic Dubai Bus Crash Has Claimed The Lives Of 17 People


A tragic bus crash has taken the lives of 17 people yesterday when it crashed into a sign board on its way to Muscat from Dubai. According to local news, there have been 17 casualties so far, and nine people were heavily injured.

The Dubai Police immediately gave an update on the situation

The passengers were rushed to a nearby hospital

The accident was so brutal that the injured passengers were instantly rushed to Rashid Hospital for immediate treatment.

According to local investigations, the driver didn't pay attention to the lane that he was driving in; it was supposedly not suitable for buses.

Dubai Police took the matter to hand and kept everyone updated

Dubai Police instantly addressed the unfortunate incident on their Twitter and kept everyone updated on the accident. Along with this, the Consulate of India shared the names of people who lost their lives in this terrible crash and paying their condolences to the families.

The Indian Consulate pay their respects and condolences to the people who lost their lives in this terrible incident

They share a list of individuals who lost their lives in the crash

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