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A UAE Resident’s Video Of A Baby Bird Being Forced To Dance Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

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Earlier last week, on November 27, to be precise a UAE resident took to Twitter to share a video of a baby bird being forced to ‘moonwalk’ to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and captioned it ‘Moonwalking’ along with three laughing emoticons.

The 24-second video has received over 45.5k views since then and is receiving a ton of backlash on the content of the video.

Whilst some tweeps found the video to be hilarious, a majority of the responses were on the negative side, criticising the lad for his inconsiderate behaviour towards the chick and calling him out for his outright display of animal cruelty.

The passenger in the car can be heard humming the tune to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean whilst attempting to make the chick dance on top of the dashboard

Many of the responses were of people slamming the video for the disrespect towards the animal

Urmm not impressed at all…

Not cool bruh… not cool

One GIF is worth a thousand words *shrugs*

Although, a few did find the video to be pretty darn funny and tagged their friends to get in on the ‘joke’

But some were just appalled by the act in the video

What do you guys think of this video? Let us know in the comments below.

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