An American Woman Passed Away On An Emirates Flight To Dubai


A woman on an Emirates flight EK204 from New York City to Dubai on Thursday passed away as she landed at Dubai International Airport.

Brandi Hodges was a 40-year-old American woman who was travelling to Dubai for a vacation with her cousin according to international news.

Hodges had no history of previous health issues

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Photo Credits: ABC 7 Chicago

She started to feel unwell as soon as the flight landed

Hodges started feeling slightly faint as soon as the flight landed at the airport, the flight attendants were immediately asked for help, and they decided to contact the medical facilities as quickly as possible on the ground at the airport.

The paramedics tried to bring her back to life by reviving her with the defibrillator, but unfortunately, it didn't work.

She had no history of previous health issues, which is why this unfortunate incident is truly shocking. May she rest in peace.

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