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Dubai Is Cracking Down On Abandoned Cars And 2,400 Have Already Been Towed

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If you’re one of those people who lets you car take up a parking space, gathering dust, now is the time to move it.

And now only because it’s a pain in the neck for other drivers…

Dubai Municipality has kicked off an awareness campaign directed at dusty vehicle owners, any vehicles that affect the appearance of the city WILL be removed.

The awareness campaign is dubbed ‘My Vehicle’ and any cars that “distort the general appearance of the city” are at risk.

The process allows vehicle owners time to move their vehicle

Warning stickers will be placed on vehicles assumed to be neglected, therefore notifying the driver that you’ve got 15 days before your car is impounded.

After 15 days the car is impounded by authorities. If the owner doesn’t make contact within six months of this date, the car will be auctioned off.

2,400 cars have already been seized this year.

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