UAE Police Paid For A Man's Flight And Gave Him Extra Cash When He Was Stranded In The UAE

No family members could help him

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A man found himself cashless and trapped in the UAE and the Ajman Police stepped in to help him out.

The Arab man had entered the UAE on a tourist visa, hoping to find work. 

After three months however, he had no luck finding a permanent position. He ran out of money, and with no friends or family to help him out, he was effectively trapped in the country, according to the Khaleej Times.

Fortunately an Ajman welfare department intervened to help the man out

They gave the man a plane ticket and even provided him with some cash to help him out when he returns home.

The man had difficulty talking and the head of the Ajman Police commented their incredible service is moral duty towards people of determination here in the UAE, according to the report.

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