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PSA: All Coronavirus Cases In The UAE Will Be Treated FREE Of Cost

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The UAE only has its residents and citizens best interest at heart and this news update is a testament to that!

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap), have issued a circular to all DHA-licensed health facilities that they MUST treat all novel coronavirus cases in the UAE (suspected or confirmed) as emergencies and FREE of any costs.

Thus, whether they have insurance or not, patients will have to be attended to immediately without being charged for healthcare services. According to the circular, hospitals will have to group the 2019-nCoV cases in two categories: One for those with insurance available and another where no insurance coverage is provided.

Patients with insurance will be treated as emergency cases and insurance companies will HAVE to comply with any and all claims received in ties to the nCoV treatment

Whereas, patients that do NOT have insurance, the cases will still be considered as an emergency and patients (with suspected or confirmed cases) will not be complied to pay the cost of either the healthcare or the healthcare facilities.

As of now, only FIVE nCoV-positive (a four-member Chinese family and a Chinese tourist) have been confirmed in the UAE

All of whom are being treated and are in a stable condition under the care of the UAE healthcare facilities.

By treating the 2019-nCoV free of cost in the UAE, it will ensure the health and safety of the community, as well as provide patients with confirmed or suspected infection with the proper treatment.

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