A Hashtag About Amazon Disrespecting Muslims Has Gone Viral After 'Offensive' Products Were Found On The Site

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Amazon has removed bathroom mats and toilet seat covers featuring scripture from the Quran and references to Islam.

This comes after the hashtag #AmazonDisrespectingMuslims went viral following complaints to the e-commerce site from an American-Muslim civil rights group.

The products, which were being sold by an independent seller, were deemed 'unacceptable' by the rights group.

The images are disrepectful to Islam

The Quranic verses and references to Islam would be disrespected in this form

Amazon, which acquired Dubai-based e-commerce site Souq.com in 2017, responded quickly and the products have been removed. But the hashtag is now trending in the Middle East and the internet is demanding an apology.

Some deem it unacceptable

While others find it hard to believe

And people are putting the hard questions to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

And calling for the removal of the product

With others suggesting a boycott

People are sharing images of their apps, proving they're deleting Amazon

Amazon have yet to make a statement, but the people are waiting

Amazon has removed the products but yet to release a statement

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