Houthi Rebels Have Sunk An Emirati Ship Carrying Aid And The GCC Are Disgusted

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In the ongoing proxy war in Yemen, where Emirati and Suadi troops have been deployed to counter the threat of the rebel Houtis, there was an incident involving a civilian vessel carrying aid, when it was attacked by Al Houthi militias, reports Gulf News. The UAE have been contribution enormously in terms of foreign aid to Yemen of late. 

The war in Yemen is a sign of increased involvement by GCC collation in military affairs in recent years. The response to this recent attack indicated that the GCC coalition will not tolerate an acceleration in terrorist activity in Yemen or in Bab al-Mandab strait. 

This graphic video details footage of the attack

Serious indicator that terrorist operations are being carried out

“This comes as a serious indicator to confirm the orientation of these militias to carry out terrorist operations targeting international navigation and relief ships in [the] Bab Al Mandab Strait, Coalition air and naval forces had started chasing and targeting of boats which carried out the attack,”

A statement from The Command of Coalition Forces Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen

The Gulf Council have condemned the attacks

"Unacceptable and violating international laws"

Ahmed Abul Ghait, Secretary General of the Arab League

Here is where the incident took place

The UAE has given AED4.3bn if foreign aid to Yemen in the past 18 months

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