An Unauthorized Drone On The Runway Brought Dubai Airport To A Standstill

No landings or takeoffs for 69 minutes this morning!

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Dubai International Airport saw a short delay this morning as an unauthorized drone was spotted on the a runway. Reported by Flightradar24 Twitter account, a service that tracks real time flight information around the world. This incident occurred just before midnight and normal service was resumed precisely 69 minutes later normal service had resumed with Flightradar24 updating their twitter account to say the cause of delay was cause by a drone. The incident caused a bit of a stir on Twitter. 

The early hours of the morning are usually peak time for planes landing in Dubai so this could have put the entire days schedule out of sync. I had landed at 8am this morning and there was no mention of any delay. Credit must go to the airport staff for handling the situation. 

Flightradar24 were quick to report the incident

The disruption was caused by a drone

Dubai Airports confirmed the slight delay

The current view shows an extremely active airspace

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