Another Reason To Download The Dubai Police App Has Emerged After Two Men Were Rescued From The Desert

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We recently urged our readers to download the Dubai Police app to report traffic incidents, however after two men were rescued on Thursday after being stranded in Dubai desert, a new reason to download the app has emerged.

The two men were rescued from the Dubai desert after their car got stuck. The men were approximately 1.5km away from any road when they got into trouble and had to call the Dubai Police.

According to Lt Col Ahmed Burqibah, the deputy director of the Search and Rescue Department, the two men  call at about 11.25 am on Thursday. They were then located via satellite and were reached in around 15 minutes.

Thankfully, once found the two men were in good health.

“They were stuck about 1.5km away from any main roads, toward Hatta and Oman behind the Dubai Sports Club,"

Lt Col Ahmed Burqibah

The Dubai Police App

According to Lt Col Burqibah, if a person is unable to get signal on their phone, they try to reach the highest hill for a signal to send a message to Dubai Police.

Alternatively they can use the SOS button on the Dubai Police smart app which will allow officials to locate their position.

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