This UAE Pub Won 'Best International Irish Pub Food Award' At A Global Awards

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While we hate to stereotype, some nationalities do generally fit the mold. The German's love beer, (anyone who's been to  Oktoberfest this weekend can vouch for that). The French make great bread, so we spend a fair chunk of our salaries at the French bakery (it's the closest thing you'll get to homemade in Dubai).

And of course the Irish love to drink, and Irish pubs are famous worldwide. You could be in the back corner of the globe on an island with no electricity or running water and you would probably still find an Irish pub. 

Congratulations McGettigan's Abu Dhabi!

But little did we know, (until these awards came around) there is an Irish Pubs Global Network which awards and honours business excellence in Irish pubs globally. 

Over 600 pubs competed this year, so it's amazing that two pubs in the UAE took home some prizes. The Irish Village won the prize for the best Irish pub in the world and McGettigan's Abu Dhabi won the award for Best International Pub Food. Well done guys, well deserved!

Here are some pics of the award winning munch

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