A Video Of Young Girl Using Her Bionic Hand In Dubai For The First Time Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

Technology is amazing

OpenBionics tweeted this video of Tilly, a young girl using her bionic hand for the first time. In it, she uses the muscles in her arm to control her fingers, she looks curious and we can't imagine how it must feel for her to be able to maneuver her hand and grip something. 

The development was released as part of the UAE Awards For Good, a robotics competition taking place in Internet City today and tomorrow,

Internet City is hosting the robotics competition

This is the third edition of 'Awards for Good', a competition committed on showcasing and utilising innovation for the service of humanity and the local community.

The competition has already started

The 'super bowl' of robotics

Robots as sensors

Robots as waiters

Other impressive robotic displays include a robot serving ice-cream

The waiters hard at work

A 'smart arm' controlled using a headset

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