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This Bogus AED13k Job Offer Allegedly From A Top UAE Hotel Was Too Good To Be True

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It was too good to be true…

A woman who received a fake job offer people claiming to be employers from a top five-star hotel in Abu Dhabi is warning others.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, had worked in the UAE for five years, she returned home for a year, but came back to the UAE and started to hunt for jobs.

Soon, she received an exciting job offer from ‘Sofitel Abu Dhabi’, an email came along with a document containing the contract, which included a salary for a hostess position at the hotel. However, the woman soon realised neither the documents, the offer, or even the website she was given were real.

“One guy answered me and told me that I was selected and they will send me the flight ticket”

She was offered over AED13k a month plus some seriously tempting benefits

The fake employer offered her travel allowance,  accommodation and opportunities for salary bonus

She was told the hotel would pay for her flight to the UAE, but she soon realised the offer was fake and immediately contacted the hotel.

According to her report, Sofitel Abu Dhabi are aware of the situation and have contacted the police. The woman who shared her story was not the only person to be duped by the scam, in which the conman also set up a bogus website in the hotel’s name.

She shared the story to raise awareness ‘ I don’t want people to get cheated’

Stay vigilant people!

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