Bollywood Actress Causes Social Media Outrage Over A Video She Posted On A Dubai Beach

She has since deleted the post

Screenshot 2017 01 11 At 6 34 58 Pm

Parineeti Chopra the hugely successful Indian actress is courting controversy after posting a video to her Instagram account, during her busy Dubai vacation.

The video was originally was posted to no less than 7.7 million followers, but has since been deleted after 500 comments, many of which were negative, were added to the post.

She uploaded a video of a man holding her umbrella 

Screenshot 2017 01 11 At 6 34 58 Pm

And Twitter was appalled

Apologetic? Or afraid of internet trolls

Although some comments were still kind

The picture hasn't stopped her having fun, and here she is with her friends enjoying a live cooking show

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