Both pilots in the Flydubai crash leave behind pregnant wives

A recording of the pilots discussing the bad weather has also been released

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Both pilots aboard flight FZ981 leave behind wives who are expecting children.

Captain Aristos Sokratous, recently married his wife, who is expecting a son. And the wife of co-pilot, Alejandro Cruz Alava is expecting twins. 

Captain Sokratous, 38, was planning to leave his job at Flydubai and return to live in his native Cyprus, where he would take on a job with Irish airline Ryanair. Flight FZ981 to Rostov-on-Don in Russia, was expected to be one of his final flights for the airline before the move.

A voice recording of the pilots discussing the weather in English and Russian, just before the crash, has been released. Chillingly, they discuss if it is safe to land.

The full conversation has been posted on YouTube by a local news website and the pilot can be heard repeatedly asking if there is any improvement in the conditions or if there is any warning...

The plane crashed about 250 metres short of the start of the runway, during its second landing approach amid poor weather conditions on Saturday morning, killing 62 people, including seven crew. 

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Co-pilot Alejandro Cruz Alava

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Captain Aristos Sokratous

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