Breaking: Fly Dubai passenger plane crashes in Russia

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It has emerged this Saturday morning that a Fly Dubai passenger plane has crash landed in Russia. We cannot confirm the cause of the accident or the number of casualties, but other media outlets are reporting that all passengers are feared dead. 

The crash was confirmed by the Russian Emergencies ministry as a Boeing 737-800 coming from Dubai. It is not known how many people were on the plane, but initial reports are saying there are dozens dead. Fly Dubai is a Dubai-based low budget airline.

Fly Dubai confirm incident on Facebook

 "We are aware of an incident involving our flight FZ981 from Dubai to Rostov On Don. We are investigating."

Raw footage shows the plane crash

Plane breaks 'into pieces'

The incident occurred at 950 kilometres south of Moscow in Rostov-on-Don airport, the above footage shows the explosion where the plane was said to break 'into pieces' (Russian news agency Tass)

The radar of the places route shows struggle

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