Brokers Can Get Fines Of Up To 50,000 AED

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Everyone experiences this in Dubai. That unknown number appearing on your screen immediately triggers a reaction of, ‘this is a cold call isn’t it’. Whether it’s a financial institution or a real estate agency or a financial advisor, they are all unwanted. 

Typical responses

‘How did you get my number’, ‘I’m not interested’, ‘Please don’t call me again’

While most agents are just doing their job, mobile numbers are generally private and have either been obtained by a list being sold or a referral from a friend. Either way, a ‘cold call’ is unsolicited as it is unwelcome. 

'Let me help you with your cold calls'

Yo Dawg I Heard You Like To Cold Call So I Put A Phone In Your Phone So You Can Call While You Call Thumb


The warning comes from The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (REWA) regarding real estate who have penalised two agents. 

“The calls cause annoyance and are particularly distressing for those who have not advertised their property for sale. Our regulations state that brokers are not allowed to cause inconvenience to such property owners by using such unprofessional tactics and hence they must desist from such practice,” 

Director of Real Estate Department Ali Abdulla Al Al

'I dare you, call me again'


'I'm happy with my current situation'

Show Me The Money Meme

'I was actually doing something when you called'


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