BurgerFuel Just Used A Crazy Narcos Scene To Introduce A UAE Burger And The Result Is Genuinely Class

The greatest collaboration ever?!

We're not even halfway through the year but it looks like BurgerFuel has just gone and pulled one of the best marketing stunts so far.

If you haven't been watching Narcos, (where have you been?) it's a Netflix original show centered around the notorious Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar and his huge drug smuggling empire.

And this clip, which was released on YouTube last month, looks just like the first scene of the show...with a couple of minor (but noticeable) changes.

Hats off to BurgerFuel for doing something different

The New Zealand burger chain sidestepped the usual advertising techniques and went for something different with amazing results..

Screenshot 2017 08 01 16 29 41

Watch the full clip here

It's just mac n' cheeseeeeeee!

Screenshot 2017 08 01 16 34 20

By the way, the burger is 100% pure grass fed beef, macaroni cheese bites, smoked rashers, melted cheddar, cheese sauce, aioli, and salad. And now we're hungry...

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