A Businessman Thought He Was Buying Two Marina Apartments But Was Swindled Out Of Nearly AED 1 Million

This would BREAK your heart

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An Indian businessman thought he was purchasing two properties in Dubai Marina but was instead swindled out of nearly AED 983,000.

The man was defrauded by two others, an Indian and a Pakistani, who showed him the property and then forged the title deeds, before one absconded with the cash.

One of the fraudsters had a job with a genuine real estate company, which further convinced the victim of the deal at the time.

The man thought he was purchasing two properties

He saw an advertisement for two units with an AED 2.3 million sale price which he viewed with the men. He then signed the forged documents which listed one of the fraudsters as the owner of the properties and wrote cheques at the office of one of the men, who cashed the cheques and fled the country. 

The victim investigated with Dubai Land Department to find that the properties belonged to someone else.  

The case documenting the incident was heard at the Dubai Court of First Instance, according to The Khaleej Times. 

The two man have been charged with fraud and forgery, however the Pakistani man remains at large. 

Thinking of purchasing a property in Dubai

Check everything with Dubai Land Department (DLD).

There is now strict regulation governing the sale and purchase of properties in Dubai, however consumers are always advised to do their due diligence. 

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