Caitlyn Jenner's Plastic Surgeon Was Just In Dubai And Here Is Why That's Important

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An MOU between the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai (GDRFA-D) was signed this week to promote medical tourism here in Dubai.

So fly-in surgeons like Gary Alter are about to become a lot more common, because if you're going under the knife, you'll want to know you're in the best hands.

Dr Gary Alter's career as a plastic surgeon has spanned decades, he has developed new techniques in his niche field as a genital plastic surgeon and he was famously one of the surgeons to operate on Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce.

His recent trip is further proof that Dubai is firmly establishing itself as a hub for medical tourism...

Alter parters with Nova clinic here in Dubai, a clinic that brings together world renowned surgeons from various fields who fly in on an ad hoc basis

"Word gets out" when a surgeon like Dr Alter comes to town, which is why his schedule is chock-a-block during his flying visits

In the mid 1990's genital plastic surgery was a taboo subject. He was told there was 'no market' for this type of surgery and he worked under the radar for 10-15 years

Only when he started appearing in American TV shows, like international hits Botched and Dr 90210, did the subject open up

Dr Alter's field is genital plastic surgery for both males and females. He's been published repeatedly and his media presence offers a unique platform to promote and shed light on an industry that was pretty much non-existent before

Dr Alter hit media headlines late last year when it was revealed he was part of the famous Caitlyn Jenner transformation

Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce, was husband to Kris Jenner and father to famous sisters Kendall and Kylie 

And step-dad to the rest of the Kardashian clan

Alter has famously developed his own techniques to improve the appearance of genitalia, lectured extensively on the subject and successfully treated certain problems that had previously been ignored

Dr Alter and Dr Jaffer Khan of the Nova clinic both recommend clients do their due diligence by researching a surgeon or clinic before committing to a surgery

And 40% of the patients Gary sees are botched surgical jobs. With two clinics in the states, repairing botched procedures by other surgeons take up 40% of Alter's client base. Though Dr Khan explained that here in the UAE there's a lengthy process involved to certify surgeons before they are allowed to operate...

The UAE as a growing hub for medical tourism

From three internationally accredited hospitals in 2000 to over 55 in 2016, the UAE is now firmly on track to become a hub for medical tourism in line with the UAE’s Medical Tourism Vision 2021.

Just this week Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai (GDRFA-D) signed an MoU to promote medical tourism here in Dubai.

The agreement means access for visas will be made easier for medical tourists who wish to receive healthcare in Dubai.

Non-invasive surgery is trending right now in the UAE

Non-invasive surgeries that do not require incisions and generally lead to less complications.

And clinics like Nova are offering the latest technical procedures (right now SculptSure is all the rage, a non-invasive technique which can literally destroy 24% of your fat permanently with no recovery time) by the best surgeons to attract the growing numbers.

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