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Both Uber X And Careem GO Are No Longer Available For Dubai Riders

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Careem GO and Uber X are no longer be available for users of either app in Dubai, following a decision by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Both are popular options on the ride-hailing apps as they offer the most cost-effective way to ride. Careem GO and Uber X were both in the pilot phase but both have just confirmed the options will not become permanent features.

Uber and Careem alerted followers that due to an RTA decision, GO and X are discontinued from September 1. All other options remain the same.

Residents bid a sad farewell to Uber X – which was deemed an affordable way to use ride-hailing app

Careem issued a similar statement for its own affordable riding option – Careem GO

The news follows the announcement Careem has partnered with the RTA to create Hala

Careem partnered with the Roads and Transport Authority and produced Hala – a new service which allows you to book an RTA taxi through the Careem app for a small fee. The scheme has been tested on residents for a number of months and was made official last week. Nearly half of all RTA taxis are looped up to the service and there will be a total of 10,000 Hala operated taxis available by end of the year.

Careem is owned by Uber following after an acquisition in March 2018. Careem became of the region’s first unicorns when Uber paid a whopping $3.1billion for Careem – the largest tech acquisition in the region to date.

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