Careem Is Now Giving Its Employees UNLIMITED Holiday Days

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Careem has just introduced UNLIMITED vacation periods for its employees and our ears are pricking.

Careem colleagues will be trusted to take as many days as they need for vacation, so when they return to work they're fully rested up and recharged to take on the busy day-to-day work environment.

The popular ride-hailing app also doesn't impose a dress code and offers work from home options... and if you're exiting this post to type up a CV for the region's number one ride-hailing app, we're right there with you.

Why Careem thinks unlimited vacations work

Any demanding job requires sufficient rest time.

This idea puts trust in employees to take charge of their work/life balance and to make decisions in their own best interest. It's not a new idea but it's more common in other markets... however since Careem is the Dubai based start up that reached unicorn status you can guess they know exactly what they're doing.

Interested? Search 'jobs at Careem' in Google. The new job search feature shows up dozens of options.

'We want our teams to feel like they can take leave when they like, for as long as they like. '

A statement from Careem

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