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It’s Raining In Parts Of The UAE And There’s A Chance That It Will Drizzle In Dubai Too

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With the heat rolling in, the UAE has once again attempted to cool down the weather with the help of the infamous ‘cloud seeding’.

Thus, weather conditions this week will most likely be breezy and sunny with a chance of some clouds that could ring in light showers of rain throughout the smart city.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents may experience light rainfall on Saturday in the afternoon and evening when the temperatures are predicted to drop two degrees to 26°C from 28°C.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) is also predicting some fog and mist formation around the UAE coastal areas

The NCM took to Twitter to share several videos of the heavy rainfall that was experienced in Khor Fakkan on Saturday morning

This video was taken in Khor Fakkan, a town on the Gulf of Oman.

Motorists are urged to drive with precaution as heavy fogs may persist for a couple of days this week, early in the morning.

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