Tony Blair Wanted A Cheeky $7 Million A Year To Help The UAE's Reputation!

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It's been reported that former prime minister of the UK, Tony Blair's consultancy asked for $35 million to help build the 'reputation and influence' of the UAE. 

Documents show, Tony Blair Associates wanted $7 million per year over a five year period. The payment covered 'professional fees' and expenses such as cash towards the transport costs of Mr. Blair who stated that he would visit the UAE approximately 12 times in the first year of the arrangement.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the proposal, which was submitted in September 2014, would be a 'strategic partnership' and would have included a ‘furnished office’ paid for by the UAE foreign ministry if it went ahead.

The Telegraph also states that a letter that was sent alongside the proposal claimed Mr Blair could help ‘create networks’ that could ‘capitalise’ on the UAE’s leadership.

The proposal raised concerns because it could be perceived as a possible conflict of interest since Tony Blair was Middle East envoy for the United Nations at the time, however according to a spokesperson for Mr. Blair he "does this because of his commitment to the region, it is unpaid and funded by philanthropic donors'

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Photo Cred: The Daily Mail

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