A Seriously Creepy Teaser For IT Was Shot Right Here In Dubai And It Will Genuinely Give You Chills

Warning: don't watch alone

All week, the internet has been going nuts with the release of Stephen King's horror IT remake.

Rating 8.2 on IMDB (the Internet Movie Database) IT is already a huge hit with fans and critics alike, grossing $103,000,000 (in the United States) in the opening weekend alone, a massive figure if you take into account the budget which was set at $35,000,000.

Anyway, why is this relevant to Dubai?

Because another teaser trailer has been released, it's freaky AF and it was shot right here.

You will definitely recognise the locations...


Screenshot 2017 09 12 19 05 46


Screenshot 2017 09 12 19 06 53

Dubai Metro

Screenshot 2017 09 12 19 06 41

Watch it in full

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