Dubai Billionaire Wants To Continue Business Links With The Trump Organization

Ethics watchdogs are concerned

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Hussein Sajwani is the billionaire developer, CEO and founder of Damac properties based here in the UAE, and he is making international headlines after speaking to NBC news about his hopes for continued links with the Trump organization.

Sajwani and Donald Trump, the President elect for the United States have worked together previously on the Trump International Golf Club, a hugely successful enterprise.

The question is if this is a conflict of interest for Donald Trump

The President elect has said he won't make new deals while in office. However, because Sajwani already has links with the rest of the Trump family, Sajwani hopes business will continue through them. 

"All his three children are very much involved, and I think under their leadership we will have no issue in expanding and growing and maintaining our business relation".

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Sajwani detailed his close relationship to the Trump family...

His wife and Ivanka are good friends and they've visited each others homes. 

"It's not only cold business relation".

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There is concern from ethics watchdogs abroad regarding Trump's interests in sensitive regions like the Middle East

Trumps family's involvement in the Trump organization, even if Trump is not, may divide his loyalties. Sajwani, however is not worried about the watchdog's concerns.

"I am not involved in any political issues or positions"

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And he his hopeful about future business

"Naturally, I think we will benefit from the strength of the brand going forward. We haven't discussed anything" and he added "I would love to enhance the relation with the Trump Organization."

​Hussein Sajwani talking to NBC news

Whether relations continue after Trump takes office remains to be seen. Trump has tweeted that his sons along with executives will take over his businesses, with more information about the restructuring of his organizations to be released this month.

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