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A Date Has Been Set For When Temperatures In Dubai Will Finally Start To Drop

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We have survived another summer in Dubai, nearly.

For those of you who stayed in Dubai for the past two months and did not run away to a cooler climate, well done! 

The heat has at times been unbearable.

We’ve relied on our trusty air conditioning to get us through the summer and now we can finally look towards an end to the stifling summer desert heat.

Of course we knew it would eventually cool down but it’s nice to have an actual date to look forward to

Starting September 21 we can expect to see the mercury dropping as temperatures start to decrease.

41 days, but who’s counting…

While the weather until then can still be expected to reach the very high 40 degrees Celsius , it makes it a little bit more bearable knowing that we’re on the last stretch of heat.

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