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THIS HAPPENED: A UAE Woman Filed For Divorce After Husband Refused To Top Up Her Phone For AED50

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Over a period of time, we’ve seen some BIZARRE reasons of a marriage ending in divorce.

There was a man who divorced his bride after seeing her without makeup for the first time, another marriage ended after the groom changed the wedding venue without consulting the wife and then there was another case of a man filing for divorce after just 15 minutes of marriage.

In the latest news, a young woman in her 20s filed for divorce on the grounds of insufficient monetary support from her husband.

The trigger of the decision was the husband’s refusal to give her AED50 to recharge her phone credit

The husband has been in a rough financial situation for more than a year. The woman testified in the court saying that she stayed in the marriage without complaint.

She further stated that the husband’s income and current financial situation are not enough to support her lifestyle, more so because she is unemployed and has no real qualifications or degrees (just a high school diploma).

The nail in the coffin was the AED50 mobile top up

“I wanted him to recharge my credit so I can speak with my friends,” she said in court.

The husband, in his defence, stated that he gives her money as much as he can.

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