Limo Driver Blackmailed Newlyweds After He Filmed Them Having Sex

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A limo driver is currently on trial for blackmailing a couple for AED 2,000 after he secretly took a video of them having sex in the back of his car.

The couple, who are said to be newly weds from India, were in Dubai celebrating their honeymoon and rented the limo to take them from their hotel to The Dubai Mall.

The limo driver claims to have turned on the camera in the back of the limo when he heard "strange movement" in the back. He was stopped at a junction and It was at this time that he realised they were having sex.

The husband, contacted the police who then went on to arrange a sting operation to catch the driver when he came to collect the money.

The driver, after admitting to the charges,  has since been charged with breaching the privacy of the couple, blackmail and sexual abuse by fixing a hidden camera in the car and watching them having sex.

"I filmed them using my mobile phone and after dropping them to the mall, I contacted them. I sent the clip to the husband via WhatsApp and asked for some money"

The driver stated

He said that he watched them having sex via camera and recorded it on his phone. We arrested him when he arrived to the hotel to collect the money. The clip was still on this phone"

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