Good News! Drivers In Dubai Don't Need To Pay Off Fines When Renewing Registration

Dubai Police

The Dubai Police have announced that drivers in Dubai no longer have to clear unpaid fines when renewing their car registration. The Dubai Media Office announced this new system on Wednesday, launched by the Dubai Police Headquarters on February 6.

So yes sirree, this 'traffic fine discount initiative' now means you don't have to worry about waiving off unpaid fines- all at once.


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The decision to establish this new initiative came following some confusion

In February, an initiative was launched by the Dubai Police to allow for partial to full discounts, if traffic offences were avoided throughout the year. The new safety initiative, in line with The Year of Tolerance, would have drivers' fines forgiven if they drive for 12 months straight- without committing a traffic offence.

This caused some confusion among motorists, who then called the police asking about their eligibility for the full discount.

Hence, that existing policy is now no more

These initiatives and reward-based schemes are being done to avoid future accidents on the road.

The vehicle’s licence will be renewed regardless of the amount of the accumulated fines or any periods of confiscation imposed on the cars, or the number of offences committed.

Maj General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Dubai Police chief

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