Dry Night Tonight? No fear, These Dubai Nightlife Brands Have Made Your Plans For You

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Tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd of May is a dry night in Dubai. This often happens on a holy day, as this Wednesday is Ascension Day with a public holiday announced for Thursday. Isra and Mi’raj or ‘Ascension Day’ is one of the holiest days in the Islamic calendar that remembers the night-time journey that the Prophet Mohammed travelled from Mecca to Jerusalem, before ascending into heaven.  

Thankyou Movenpick, you've made it very clear

Many ladies nights move to Wednesday this week

While many have been planning their long weekends, people may have forgotten to double check their plans for Tuesday night. Usually, it's Ladies Night on Tuesday, this week many have moved theirs to Wednesday, such as the very popular China Grill

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Stereo Arcade says you should come to their R&B night on Wednesday instead...

The VIP Room have a special guest on Thursday...

Music venue MUZE have a New Levant night this Wednesday

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Always with their finger on the pulse, Dubai At Night are telling people to make the most of Monday! Why wait?

And Sensation has responded in kind...

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