The Police Were Called To A Dubai School For A Hilariously Peculiar Reason

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Oh, you hear new things in Dubai every day!

Parents in Dubai were in a state of shock all day yesterday as reports had surfaced of an unidentified woman entering the premises of a Dubai based British curriculum school in Al Khail and conducting ‘suspicious activity’.

Following further questioning, the school authorities had rushed to inform (via email) the parents to pick their their children earlier than usual, which stirred panic amongst faculty and students. Little did they know, the reason for this was about to shock them even more.

When a case of OCD turns into a national threat, uh-oh!

A Latina woman in her thirties entered the school, complete with a medical mask and a tray of cleaning detergents- to demonstrate to the workers the 'proper' method of cleaning the school, according to Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, the director of security media at the Dubai Police.

The woman had then exited the school, leaving behind the cleaning materials and detergents which led to panic amongst the faculty members.

Maj Gen Al Merri had explained the situation by saying how the Dubai police had acted fast and had summoned the mother who has her daughter enrolled in the school for investigation


“We summoned the mother to know her intention as she had entered the school using a parent’s permit and left the material.”

Colonel Faisal Al Qassim, Director of Security Media, Dubai Police

The Dubai Police were reactive with updates through their official Twitter account the entire time

Maj Gen Al Merri further mentioned how the reaction of the school’s administration was an ‘overreaction’ and had sent out announcements to parents before consulting or informing the Dubai Police.

In a series of tweets put out by the Dubai Police, it was pretty evident that the entire incident was unwarranted and the school had needlessly panicked parents and students undermining the situation.

Parents were grateful for the updates as it put them at ease