Just 15 Seconds To Get Through Passport Control At DXB -It's Being Tested Right Now!

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The hassle of airports are usually the only downside of travel, but as always DXB is ahead of the game developing new ways to ensure more efficient journeys for travellers.

Genius new technology is being piloted which will cut passport control times down to a mere 15 seconds.

Introducing 'smart tunnels' a walk-through tunnel with facial recognition technology.

Once you've registered your info at a designated kiosk, (you'll only need to do this once) or if you've used the smart gates at DXB previously, you are automatically eligible to use the smart tunnels

So fast; 15 seconds and you're through!

You still need to carry your passport

Your need to bring your passport to prove it's valid and you'll need to present it in the country you're travelling to and returning from.

This is a pilot phase but fingers crossed in time all passengers will benefit from this.

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