This Is How Much Time Dubai Folk Spend Sitting In Traffic VS The Rest Of The World

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The Spectator Index is back and this time it's showing the comparison between cities and time spent in traffic due to congestion.

The Index publishes annual lists focused on world politics, economics, history, military affairs, sports, science and technology and over 1,360 cities were evaluated to determine the following:

Dubai folk spend an extra 26 minutes in traffic per day, due to congestion

Dubai ranked pretty low in comparison with other metropolitan cities

Mexico City: 59

Moscow: 49

Jakarta: 48

Beijing: 47

Istanbul: 46

LA: 44

Rio: 43

Rome: 42

Sydney: 41

Warsaw: 41

London: 40

Paris: 40

Oslo: 38

NYC: 34

Singapore: 34

Berlin: 28

Madrid: 27

Dubai: 26

Riyadh: 21

Wonder where Sharjah ranks...

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