An Emirati Lady Cop Has Been Honoured For Saving The Life Of An Indian Woman Who Went Into Labour At DXB

She handled the situation like a complete PRO

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Corporal Hanan Hussein Mohammed might be an inspector at the Dubai Airport, but to an Indian woman, who went into labour at Terminal 2 of DXB, she is definitely her savior!

Thanks to Hanan's presence of mind, the pregnant woman was able to successfully deliver the baby in the inspection room of the airport.

According to the report, the lady cop not only swung into action and took control of the situation by aiding the woman's delivery, but also performed cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the infant after she saw the baby was not breathing.

Hanan also ensured their full safety by making sure that the mother and her baby are taken in an ambulance on time to Latifa hospital.

Brigadier Ali Atiq Bin Lahej, director of the General Department of Airport Security at Dubai Police, honored the cop for her quick thinking and bravado that saved the woman and her baby's life.

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