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A Dubai Team Took Part In A Famous Hong Kong Dragon Boat Race And They Only Went And Won It

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What an achievement!

The Dubai Diggers brought home the gold from a prestigious boat competition in Hong Kong and Dubai couldn’t be more proud.

Dubai has some of the most active people on the planet, that’s a known fact. There’s something about the Dubai community that make it such an active one- and the Dubai Diggers, a team that’s always taking part in water sport competitions TRULY made a statement at the Stanley Dragon Boat Championships.

The monumental dragon boat race is a prominent one in Hong Kong, which took place over the recent Eid holiday.

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Race Winners

Get to know the water ninjas that brought home the GOLD!

The EPIC Dubai Diggers all come from different walks of life, mind you- which adds to their ‘Dubai’ factor even more. Members come from Australia, the Philippines, South Africa, Britain, Irish and others.

Each and every individual is SKILLED and are used to the water!

The team is well-skilled on activities like surfing, sailing, paddle-boarding and surf-skiing.

A brief insight into Dragon Boat Racing and why it’s such a thing

The UAE possesses a golden mine of talent in the Dragon Boat world, with over 50+ teams competing locally and internationally on a regular basis.

The Dubai Diggers are one such team that have got the ball rolling as they have taken the Dragon Boat world by storm ever since their first race. The famous Dragon boat races are observed by over 50 million spectators in China.

The race is the centerpiece of Chinese Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat) Festival and is celebrated with a public holiday in honor of the race.

The Diggers believe that it doesn’t matter where you finish as long as you come first and this belief has made win all three of their races whilst setting the record of the fastest race time in over THREE years and have become the Stanley Gold Cup Champions.

Bringing home the gold- in the best way possible!

You’ve done us proud. The team as supported by the Ovolo Hotels in Hong Kong, and registered as the Ovolo Diggers there, and they will be back again next year to defend their title. Best of luck!

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