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A Survey Reveals Dubai Resident’s Takeout Habits And It Paints A Disappointedly-Accurate Picture

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This survey paints a picture of Dubai resident’s takeout habits, and it’s wayyyyy to relatable.

According to a new report via Careem NOW, (Careem’s delivery service) we’re a nation of very predictable eaters.

On Sundays, we’re allllll about the healthy vibes and, filled with good intentions for the week ahead, one-in-five users on the app orders a healthy option. Start as you mean to go on, eh?!

But it doesn’t last.

These stats drop significantly, (so treat yo’ self Tuesday isn’t just me then?) and by Thursday only one-in-ten orders are choosing the healthy option. OOPS!

Sunday is the healthiest day of the week, but it doesn’t last long

By Thursday, only one-in-ten people are keeping it lean and green.

Arabic food is the top pick on the app

Whudda-thunk-it? One-in-four are ordering Arabic food, while healthy food is the second most popular option.

So if you’re following up your kabsa with a healthy dish, you’re not alone. Also, you’re more more likely to order American and Indian food on the weekend that any other day of the week… Which is probably a fair assumption.

All about those Hardee’s weekend vibes

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