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Dubai Heat Is At Its Peak And It Is Necessary To Take Measures To Avoid Fire Accidents

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It is officially the peak of summers in the UAE and authorities have warned drivers to take good care of their vehicles to avoid cars catching fires in the middle of the roads. These incidents have happened before, which is why it is essential to get your cars serviced regularly.

Measures that can be taken to avoid this

According to local news, the safety and security authorities in Sharjah have issued a warning for motorists to avoid fire accidents that usually occur because of cars not being taken for maintenance at the right time. Drivers typically tend to neglect this, which leads to terrible accidents.

Because of the high temperatures, the car can very quickly heat up, and if not taken for maintenance, it can create a problem in the electrical system of the vehicle. It is vital to take measures to avoid this situation, which is keeping a fire extinguisher in the car and knowing how to use it, check the water and temperature levels of the vehicle.

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