Dubai Influencers Show Their Support For Sudan By Turning Their Displays Blue


If you're an active social media user, then you've probably noticed that most influencers and users have turned their display pictures blue because of the mass killing of pro-democracy protesters in Sudan.

#BlueForSudan ..

As a way of showing support, Dubai influencers and some of the celebrities around the world such as Rihanna, George Clooney and comedian Hasan Minhaj, have decided to come together and stand together with Sudan at a time like that.

According to international news, this trend of changing display pictures to the colour blue initially started to honour 25-year-old Mohamed Hashim Mattar, who was killed by Rapid Support Forces while protecting other protestors.

His favourite colour was blue, which is why his close friends and family started sharing it on social media and pretty soon everyone picked up on it and joined the campaign.

25-year-old Mohamed Hashim Mattar, who lost his life protecting other protestors

Popular influencers in Dubai change their display to the colour blue to show support for Sudan


Twitter users come together and share their feelings about this difficult time

Awareness is being raised through social media

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