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There’s A Shark In Dubai Marina! But It’s Not What You Think

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THERE’S A SHARK IN THE WATER….But no need to freak!

WasteShark is manufactured by RanMarine technology, it’s an autonomous vehicle capable of collecting 1,100lbs of plastic and floating rubbish and is being gradually deployed in Dubai waters to collect waste – genius!

The water shark can last 16 hours of clean up duty on one charge and might just be the answer to many city’s water waste problems.

Last year, Dubai Municipality announced the waste shark will eventually be used in Dubai Creek, Al Jaddaf Creek, Dubai Water Canal and Business Bay Canal.

The waste shark in action

The vehicle can pick up trash up to one foot below the surface

It’s tracked by a GPS signal, navigated with remote control, uses an avoidance system to avoid crashes, and most importantly, does not harm any aquatic animals or eco-systems.

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WasteShark by Ran Marine technology can

Collect waste for 16 hours daily

Collect plastics, micro-plastics, alien vegetation (e.g. duckweed), floating debris

Is capable of operating in tight spaces, trafficked water

Can carry 200 litres of waste

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