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A Dubai PR Firm Jumped On The NIKE Ad Bandwagon

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Nike’s latest ad campaign divided opinion while generating huge media attention, it spawned copies worldwide and a Dubai firm have made their own version of the creative piece of work.

The spotlight from the media glare is focused on one image in particular.

An ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who was the first player to ‘take a knee’ during the American national anthem, a form of silent protest calling attention to racial injustice and police brutality in the states. The move caused a domino effect and divided the nation.

The Kaepernick edit: ‘Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything’

Appearing on billboards – the ad soon went viral

People drew inspiration and a mural in tribute appeared in Washington

The internet being the internet, everyone started making their own

You can’t fault a firm for taking a risk with this, as many companies shy away from political statements

The ad refers only to themselves and the effort doesn’t hit a cultural movement note quite like the Nike campaign did.

Similar to the Nike ad this will divide opinion

Despite some people literally burning their Nike merch, Nike’s online sales reportedly jumped 31% since the campaign, celebrating Nike’s 30th anniversary went live.

Nike’s calculated risk paid off but it’s hard to see how a self-promotional ad will have the same effect.

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