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Dubai Paid Off The Overdue Rent Of A Retired Nurse And This Is The Level Of Compassion We All Need

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Is it The Year of Giving all over again? Nah, it’s just Dubai being its usual generous self.

An elderly retired woman, who used to work in the city as a nurse, was due to be evicted from her apartment.

That’s until The Rental Disputes Settlement Centre stepped in, thanks to its ‘helping hand’ committee who opted pay for the 75-year-old’s rent and negotiate with the landlord on waiving off her eviction warning.

According to The Khaleej Times, the woman has lived in the country for 43 years- along with her two children who now financially support her. The woman’s son is on a AED6,000 salary, while the daughter is still studying hence being unable to help with the rent fees.

The committee paid off AED48,000 in late rent fees and guided the landlord never to vacate the woman.

How incredible is this?

FYI, this is not the first of its kind that this committee has helped out families in the city. In fact, there’s a system in place that identifies situations and individual statuses that need financial aid.

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