Dubai Police Officer On Trial For Stabbing Two Men Outside A Nightclub

Things took an ugly turn


An off-duty Emirati police officer has gone on trial for stabbing two men outside a hotel club in Bur Dubai. He denied attempted murder when he appeared at Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

What led to the stabbing...

The officer, along with his Emirati friend, was involved in an argument (reasons unknown to the court) with three men - a Jordanian, a Syrian and a Lebanese - in February this year. They were thrown outside, but the head of security said he saw them fighting outside.

At first the men engaged in a fist fight, but the guards pulled them apart. Later, the head of security saw the Jordanian man bleeding from a stab wound to his stomach. Eyewitnesses also stated that the man was holding his intestine from the severity of the wound.

Paramedics arrived at the scene to find that the Lebanese man had also been stabbed. Both victims were taken to Rashid Hospital and survived.

All men admitted to assault charges and the off-duty officer remains on trial.

The case has been adjourned until next month.

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