This Is Exactly How Much You'll Earn If You Work As A Police Officer In Dubai

***Quits job immediately***

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It needs to be said, working as a police officer in any country is no easy task, however when you take a look at the salaries below, you may be a little tempted.

The rundown is based on Federal Decree No. (40) 2008 regarding salaries and allowances for National Force members and the yearly salary varies based on ranking. 

The graph also shows annual bonuses which are not guaranteed and are based on performance throughout the year. 

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Free accommodation is also an option

Officers also have an accommodation options (similar to nurses and teachers in the UAE where they can avail of free accommodation minus a certain percentage deduction from their salary)

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The Federal decree notes:

1) 20% of the complimentary bonus may be deducted if lodging is required

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