Dubai Police Solve Case Of Headless Woman Found In Dubai

Shocking and tragic

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In May this year, Dubai Police found the body of a woman in Al Warqa.

The news, which was made public only in June, shocked residents as it stated that the torso was discovered without a head, hands or legs. The police had earlier asked the public for assistance to identify the body, but have managed to solve the case.

The woman has been identified as M.S.D. The Filipino who had been employed as a maid in Dubai was absconding from her employer a week before her death.

The appeal that was put out earlier this year

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The murderer was a relative...

He had allegedly borrowed AED 10,000 from her. When the victim had demanded the money back, G.A, an illegal butcher in Dubai, cut off her head, hands and legs in his car before burning and burying them in Ajman. He disposed her body in Al Warqa. He then cleaned the stains before going to a petrol station to get his car cleaned further. The body was discovered by a Dubai Municipality worker.

The investigation

The police went through 9,751 missing Asian maid reports and compared DNA samples until one for the victim was found. 

The accused was apprehended on Tuesday. He has confessed to the crime and has been referred to prosecutors to face trial.Maj Gen Khalil Al Mansouri, assistant to the Dubai Police chief in Criminal Investigation Affairs, told The National: "He confessed during investigations that the maid requested her money back. The man could not pay her back and decided to kill her."

Dubai Police released a video on the case.

Image credit: Dubai Police

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