Dubai Real Estate Agents: STOP Cold Calling Residents

Authorities have spoken

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Anyone else been caught on the receiving end of a cold-call from a real estate broker one too many times?

Well Dubai authorities have spoken and are trying to put an end to the dreaded (real estate related) cold calls.

Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) officials and Dubai Police have told real estate firms to stop calling property owners not listed with them, according to a Gulf News report.

Residents were complaining

RERA has received complaints from perplexed owners and investors and Marwan Bin Gulaita, Engineer and CEO of RERA wants to find a solution to cold-calling for the 5,200 agents operating in Dubai right now.

Currently, if a complaint is issued against a broker they receive a warning, if the broker repeats the offence they could face a AED50,000 fine.

Bin Gulaita suggested customer service skills sessions for brokers who conduct telemarking calls. He noted brokers must have permission from RERA to proceed with telemarketing and that WhatsApp is strictly prohibited, according to the report.

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