A Hugely Popular Dubai Influencer's Instagram Account Was Shut Down For Two Days

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A prominent Dubai influencer's Instagram account was removed for two days.

Nicole Majdalany, (Nicole_OnTrend) who updates her 205k followers with her personal shopping exploits, had her account shut down for two days, with no warning, this weekend.

A report from the National suggests Majdalany's account was shut down due to criticism of a recent video she posted of an assistant carrying her numerous bags of shopping with the caption, "hurry up then #stopcomplaining".

The video still appears on her page

The post drew negative criticism

And it's possible the video was reported, which lead to the account shut down.

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While others simply thought it was funny

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And many jumped to Nicole's defense

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The possibility of losing her 'gram fam hasn't affected Nicole, and he latest post proves she's not planning on changing her post style anytime soon

“Anyone seen instagrams complaints department?”

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