A Moon-sighting Committee Will Determine Exact Eid Holiday Dates For The Private Sector

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Yesterday, the Eid Al-Fitr holidays were announced, however the exact dates for the private sector are yet to be confirmed.

The sighting of the Shawwal crescent will determine the official start of Eid, and the beginning of the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. A moon-sighting committee has been drafted for this purpose.

The Minister of Justice issued a resolution to determine the first day of Eid Al Fitr

Sultan Bin Saeed Al Badi Al Dhaheri, Minister of Justice issued the resolution for the moon-sighting committee.

Eid is expected to begin on either Friday, June 15, or Saturday, June 16. The private sector receives two holiday days for Eid, which means either Friday and Saturday will be off, or Saturday and Sunday.

More information to come.

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